Package org.apache.http.client.utils

Client utility classes.


Interface Summary
Idn Deprecated. (4.4) use standard IDN.

Class Summary
CloneUtils A collection of utilities to workaround limitations of Java clone framework.
DateUtils A utility class for parsing and formatting HTTP dates as used in cookies and other headers.
HttpClientUtils Convenience methods for closing response and client objects.
JdkIdn Deprecated. (4.4) use standard IDN.
Punycode Deprecated. (4.4) use standard IDN.
Rfc3492Idn Deprecated. (4.4) use standard IDN.
URIBuilder Builder for URI instances.
URIUtils A collection of utilities for URIs, to workaround bugs within the class or for ease-of-use features.
URLEncodedUtils A collection of utilities for encoding URLs.

Enum Summary
URIUtils.UriFlag Flags that control how URI is being rewritten.

Package org.apache.http.client.utils Description

Client utility classes.

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