Package org.apache.http.conn

Client connection management APIs.


Interface Summary
ClientConnectionManager Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
ClientConnectionManagerFactory Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
ClientConnectionOperator Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
ClientConnectionRequest Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by ConnectionRequest.
ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy Interface for deciding how long a connection can remain idle before being reused.
ConnectionReleaseTrigger Interface for releasing a connection.
ConnectionRequest Represents a request for a HttpClientConnection whose life cycle is managed by a connection manager.
DnsResolver Users may implement this interface to override the normal DNS lookup offered by the OS.
EofSensorWatcher A watcher for EofSensorInputStream.
HttpClientConnectionManager Represents a manager of persistent client connections.
HttpClientConnectionOperator Connection operator that performs connection connect and upgrade operations.
HttpConnectionFactory<T,C extends HttpConnection> Generic HttpConnection factory.
HttpRoutedConnection Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
ManagedClientConnection Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
ManagedHttpClientConnection Represents a managed connection whose state and life cycle is managed by a connection manager.
OperatedClientConnection Deprecated. (4.3) replaced by HttpClientConnectionManager.
SchemePortResolver Strategy for default port resolution for protocol schemes.

Class Summary
BasicEofSensorWatcher Deprecated. (4.3) do not use.
BasicManagedEntity Deprecated. (4.3) do not use.
EofSensorInputStream A stream wrapper that triggers actions on close() and EOF.
HttpInetSocketAddress Deprecated. (4.3)
MultihomePlainSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.1) Do not use.

Exception Summary
ConnectionPoolTimeoutException A timeout while waiting for an available connection from a connection manager.
ConnectTimeoutException A timeout while connecting to an HTTP server or waiting for an available connection from an HttpConnectionManager.
HttpHostConnectException A ConnectException that specifies the HttpHost that was being connected to.
UnsupportedSchemeException Signals failure to establish connection using an unknown protocol scheme.

Package org.apache.http.conn Description

Client connection management APIs.

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