Package org.apache.http.client.protocol

Client specific HTTP protocol handlers.


Interface Summary
ClientContext Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientContext.

Class Summary
ClientContextConfigurer Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientContext
HttpClientContext Adaptor class that provides convenience type safe setters and getters for common HttpContext attributes used in the course of HTTP request execution.
RequestAcceptEncoding Class responsible for handling Content Encoding requests in HTTP.
RequestAddCookies Request interceptor that matches cookies available in the current CookieStore to the request being executed and generates corresponding Cookie request headers.
RequestAuthCache Request interceptor that can preemptively authenticate against known hosts, if there is a cached AuthScheme instance in the local AuthCache associated with the given target or proxy host.
RequestClientConnControl This protocol interceptor is responsible for adding Connection or Proxy-Connection headers to the outgoing requests, which is essential for managing persistence of HTTP/1.0 connections.
RequestDefaultHeaders Request interceptor that adds default request headers.
RequestExpectContinue RequestExpectContinue is responsible for enabling the 'expect-continue' handshake by adding Expect header.
RequestProxyAuthentication Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpAuthenticator.
RequestTargetAuthentication Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpAuthenticator.
ResponseAuthCache Deprecated. (4.2) use AuthenticationStrategy
ResponseContentEncoding HttpResponseInterceptor responsible for processing Content-Encoding responses.
ResponseProcessCookies Response interceptor that populates the current CookieStore with data contained in response cookies received in the given the HTTP response.

Package org.apache.http.client.protocol Description

Client specific HTTP protocol handlers.

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