Package org.apache.http.impl.conn

Default implementations of client connection management functions.


Class Summary
AbstractClientConnAdapter Deprecated. (4.2) do not use
AbstractPooledConnAdapter Deprecated. (4.2) do not use
AbstractPoolEntry Deprecated. (4.2) do not use
BasicClientConnectionManager Deprecated. (4.3) use BasicHttpClientConnectionManager.
BasicHttpClientConnectionManager A connection manager for a single connection.
DefaultClientConnection Deprecated. (4.3) use ManagedHttpClientConnectionFactory.
DefaultClientConnectionOperator Deprecated. (4.3) use PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager.
DefaultHttpClientConnectionOperator Default implementation of HttpClientConnectionOperator used as default in Http client, when no instance provided by user to BasicHttpClientConnectionManager or PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager constructor.
DefaultHttpResponseParser Lenient HTTP response parser implementation that can skip malformed data until a valid HTTP response message head is encountered.
DefaultHttpResponseParserFactory Default factory for response message parsers.
DefaultHttpRoutePlanner Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultRoutePlanner
DefaultManagedHttpClientConnection Default ManagedHttpClientConnection implementation.
DefaultProxyRoutePlanner Implementation of an HttpRoutePlanner that routes requests through a default proxy.
DefaultResponseParser Deprecated. (4.2) use DefaultHttpResponseParser
DefaultRoutePlanner Default implementation of an HttpRoutePlanner.
DefaultSchemePortResolver Default SchemePortResolver.
IdleConnectionHandler Deprecated. (4.1) no longer used
InMemoryDnsResolver In-memory DnsResolver implementation.
LoggingSessionInputBuffer Deprecated. (4.3) no longer used.
LoggingSessionOutputBuffer Deprecated. (4.3) no longer used.
ManagedHttpClientConnectionFactory Factory for ManagedHttpClientConnection instances.
PoolingClientConnectionManager Deprecated. (4.3) use PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager.
PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager ClientConnectionPoolManager maintains a pool of HttpClientConnections and is able to service connection requests from multiple execution threads.
ProxySelectorRoutePlanner Deprecated. (4.3) use SystemDefaultRoutePlanner
SchemeRegistryFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder.
SingleClientConnManager Deprecated. (4.2) use BasicClientConnectionManager
SystemDefaultDnsResolver DNS resolver that uses the default OS implementation for resolving host names.
SystemDefaultRoutePlanner HttpRoutePlanner implementation based on ProxySelector.
Wire Logs data to the wire LOG.

Exception Summary
ConnectionShutdownException Signals that the connection has been shut down or released back to the the connection pool

Package org.apache.http.impl.conn Description

Default implementations of client connection management functions.

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