Package org.apache.http.impl.client

Default HTTP client implementation.


Class Summary
AbstractAuthenticationHandler Deprecated. (4.2) use AuthenticationStrategy
AbstractHttpClient Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder.
AbstractResponseHandler<T> A generic ResponseHandler that works with the response entity for successful (2xx) responses.
AIMDBackoffManager The AIMDBackoffManager applies an additive increase, multiplicative decrease (AIMD) to managing a dynamic limit to the number of connections allowed to a given host.
AutoRetryHttpClient Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder.
BasicAuthCache Default implementation of AuthCache.
BasicCookieStore Default implementation of CookieStore
BasicCredentialsProvider Default implementation of CredentialsProvider.
BasicResponseHandler A ResponseHandler that returns the response body as a String for successful (2xx) responses.
ClientParamsStack Deprecated. (4.3) use configuration classes provided 'org.apache.http.config' and 'org.apache.http.client.config'
CloseableHttpClient Base implementation of HttpClient that also implements Closeable.
ContentEncodingHttpClient Deprecated. (4.2) use HttpClientBuilder
DecompressingHttpClient Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder
DefaultBackoffStrategy This ConnectionBackoffStrategy backs off either for a raw network socket or connection timeout or if the server explicitly sends a 503 (Service Unavailable) response.
DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy Default implementation of a strategy deciding duration that a connection can remain idle.
DefaultHttpClient Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder see also CloseableHttpClient.
DefaultHttpRequestRetryHandler The default HttpRequestRetryHandler used by request executors.
DefaultProxyAuthenticationHandler Deprecated. (4.2) use ProxyAuthenticationStrategy
DefaultRedirectHandler Deprecated. (4.1) use DefaultRedirectStrategy.
DefaultRedirectStrategy Default implementation of RedirectStrategy.
DefaultRequestDirector Deprecated. Do not use.
DefaultServiceUnavailableRetryStrategy Default implementation of the ServiceUnavailableRetryStrategy interface.
DefaultTargetAuthenticationHandler Deprecated. (4.2) use TargetAuthenticationStrategy
DefaultUserTokenHandler Default implementation of UserTokenHandler.
EntityEnclosingRequestWrapper Deprecated. (4.3) do not use.
FutureRequestExecutionMetrics Collection of different counters used to gather metrics for FutureRequestExecutionService.
FutureRequestExecutionService HttpAsyncClientWithFuture wraps calls to execute with a HttpRequestFutureTask and schedules them using the provided executor service.
HttpAuthenticator Deprecated. (4.3) reserved for internal use.
HttpClientBuilder Builder for CloseableHttpClient instances.
HttpClients Factory methods for CloseableHttpClient instances.
HttpRequestFutureTask<V> FutureTask implementation that wraps a HttpAsyncClientCallable and exposes various task specific metrics.
IdleConnectionEvictor This class maintains a background thread to enforce an eviction policy for expired / idle persistent connections kept alive in the connection pool.
LaxRedirectStrategy Lax RedirectStrategy implementation that automatically redirects all HEAD, GET, POST, and DELETE requests.
NoopUserTokenHandler Noop implementation of UserTokenHandler that always returns null.
NullBackoffStrategy This is a ConnectionBackoffStrategy that never backs off, for compatibility with existing behavior.
ProxyAuthenticationStrategy Default AuthenticationStrategy implementation for proxy host authentication.
ProxyClient ProxyClient can be used to establish a tunnel via an HTTP proxy.
RedirectLocations This class represents a collection of URIs used as redirect locations.
RequestWrapper Deprecated. (4.3) do not use.
RoutedRequest Deprecated. (4.3) do not use.
StandardHttpRequestRetryHandler HttpRequestRetryHandler which assumes that all requested HTTP methods which should be idempotent according to RFC-2616 are in fact idempotent and can be retried.
SystemDefaultCredentialsProvider Implementation of CredentialsProvider backed by standard JRE Authenticator.
SystemDefaultHttpClient Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpClientBuilder
TargetAuthenticationStrategy Default AuthenticationStrategy implementation for proxy host authentication.

Exception Summary
TunnelRefusedException Deprecated. (4.3) reserved for internal use.

Package org.apache.http.impl.client Description

Default HTTP client implementation.

The usual execution flow can be demonstrated by the code snippet below:

 CloseableHttpClient httpclient = HttpClients.createDefault();
 try {
      HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet("http://targethost/homepage");
      CloseableHttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httpGet);
      try {
          HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity();
          // do something useful with the response body
          // and ensure it is fully consumed
      } finally {
 } finally {

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