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Packages that use CookieSpecFactory
org.apache.http.cookie Client HTTP state management APIs. 
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations of standard and common HTTP state management policies. 

Uses of CookieSpecFactory in org.apache.http.cookie

Methods in org.apache.http.cookie with parameters of type CookieSpecFactory
 void CookieSpecRegistry.register(String name, CookieSpecFactory factory)
          Deprecated. Registers a CookieSpecFactory with the given identifier.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.cookie with type arguments of type CookieSpecFactory
 void CookieSpecRegistry.setItems(Map<String,CookieSpecFactory> map)
          Deprecated. Populates the internal collection of registered cookie specs with the content of the map passed as a parameter.

Uses of CookieSpecFactory in org.apache.http.impl.cookie

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that implement CookieSpecFactory
 class BestMatchSpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) use DefaultCookieSpecProvider.
 class BrowserCompatSpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) use DefaultCookieSpecProvider.
 class IgnoreSpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) Use IgnoreSpecProvider.
 class NetscapeDraftSpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) Use NetscapeDraftSpecProvider.
 class RFC2109SpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) Use RFC2109SpecProvider.
 class RFC2965SpecFactory
          Deprecated. (4.4) Use RFC2965SpecProvider.

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