Package org.apache.http.cookie

Client HTTP state management APIs.


Interface Summary
ClientCookie ClientCookie extends the standard Cookie interface with additional client specific functionality such ability to retrieve original cookie attributes exactly as they were specified by the origin server.
CommonCookieAttributeHandler Extension of CookieAttributeHandler intended to handle one specific common attribute whose name is returned with CommonCookieAttributeHandler.getAttributeName() method.
Cookie Cookie interface represents a token or short packet of state information (also referred to as "magic-cookie") that the HTTP agent and the target server can exchange to maintain a session.
CookieAttributeHandler This interface represents a cookie attribute handler responsible for parsing, validating, and matching a specific cookie attribute, such as path, domain, port, etc.
CookieSpec Defines the cookie management specification.
CookieSpecFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use CookieSpecProvider
CookieSpecProvider Factory for CookieSpec implementations.
SetCookie This interface represents a Set-Cookie response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.
SetCookie2 This interface represents a Set-Cookie2 response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.
SM Constants and static helpers related to the HTTP state management.

Class Summary
CookieIdentityComparator This cookie comparator can be used to compare identity of cookies.
CookieOrigin CookieOrigin class encapsulates details of an origin server that are relevant when parsing, validating or matching HTTP cookies.
CookiePathComparator This cookie comparator ensures that multiple cookies satisfying a common criteria are ordered in the Cookie header such that those with more specific Path attributes precede those with less specific.
CookiePriorityComparator This cookie comparator ensures that cookies with longer paths take precedence over cookies with shorter path.
CookieSpecRegistry Deprecated. (4.3) use Registry.

Exception Summary
CookieRestrictionViolationException Signals that a cookie violates a restriction imposed by the cookie specification.
MalformedCookieException Signals that a cookie is in some way invalid or illegal in a given context

Package org.apache.http.cookie Description

Client HTTP state management APIs.

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