Package org.apache.http.client.methods

Standard HTTP method implementations.


Interface Summary
AbortableHttpRequest Deprecated. (4.3) use HttpExecutionAware
CloseableHttpResponse Extended version of the HttpResponse interface that also extends Closeable.
Configurable Configuration interface for HTTP requests.
HttpExecutionAware Interface to be implemented by any object that wishes to be notified of blocking I/O operations that could be cancelled.
HttpUriRequest Extended version of the HttpRequest interface that provides convenience methods to access request properties such as request URI and method type.

Class Summary
HttpDelete HTTP DELETE method
HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase Basic implementation of an entity enclosing HTTP request that can be modified
HttpGet HTTP GET method.
HttpHead HTTP HEAD method.
HttpOptions HTTP OPTIONS method.
HttpPatch HTTP PATCH method.
HttpPost HTTP POST method.
HttpPut HTTP PUT method.
HttpRequestBase Base implementation of HttpUriRequest.
HttpRequestWrapper A wrapper class for HttpRequest that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object.
HttpTrace HTTP TRACE method.
RequestBuilder Builder for HttpUriRequest instances.

Package org.apache.http.client.methods Description

Standard HTTP method implementations.

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