Package org.apache.http.client.entity

Client specific HTTP entity implementations.


Interface Summary
InputStreamFactory Factory for decorated InputStreams.

Class Summary
DecompressingEntity Common base class for decompressing HttpEntity implementations.
DeflateDecompressingEntity HttpEntityWrapper responsible for handling deflate Content Coded responses.
DeflateInputStream Deflate input stream.
DeflateInputStreamFactory InputStreamFactory for handling Deflate Content Coded responses.
EntityBuilder Builder for HttpEntity instances.
GzipCompressingEntity Wrapping entity that compresses content when writing.
GzipDecompressingEntity HttpEntityWrapper for handling gzip Content Coded responses.
GZIPInputStreamFactory InputStreamFactory for handling GZIPContent Coded responses.
UrlEncodedFormEntity An entity composed of a list of url-encoded pairs.

Package org.apache.http.client.entity Description

Client specific HTTP entity implementations.

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