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Packages that use AbortableHttpRequest
org.apache.http.client.methods Standard HTTP method implementations. 

Uses of AbortableHttpRequest in org.apache.http.client.methods

Classes in org.apache.http.client.methods that implement AbortableHttpRequest
 class AbstractExecutionAwareRequest
 class HttpDelete
          HTTP DELETE method
 class HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase
          Basic implementation of an entity enclosing HTTP request that can be modified
 class HttpGet
          HTTP GET method.
 class HttpHead
          HTTP HEAD method.
 class HttpOptions
          HTTP OPTIONS method.
 class HttpPatch
          HTTP PATCH method.
 class HttpPost
          HTTP POST method.
 class HttpPut
          HTTP PUT method.
 class HttpRequestBase
          Base implementation of HttpUriRequest.
 class HttpTrace
          HTTP TRACE method.

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