package edge

Predefined edges.

While basic edge types are defined in the object GraphEdge, the predefined edges in this package cover the following categories (prefixes, shortcuts):

weighted (W, %), key-weighted (Wk, %#), labeled (L, +), key-labeled (Lk, +#), weighted and labeled (WL, %+), key-weighted and labeled (WkL, %#+), weighted and key-labeled (WLk, %+#) and key-weighted and key-labeled (WkLk, %#+#).

These predefined edges provide alternatives for any edge extension taking the burden from the user to implement his/her custom edge class - but baring the disadvantage that user edge attributes must be part of a label class as opposed to being part of the edge class directly. It may also serve as a source for looking up how to implement custom edge classes.

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Type Members

  1. type CEdge[X] = UnDiEdge[X] with Attributes[X]
  2. type CHyperEdge[X] = HyperEdge[X] with Attributes[X]
  3. abstract class LDiEdge[+N] extends LUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, LDiEdge]

    labeled directed edge.

  4. abstract class LDiHyperEdge[+N] extends LHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, LDiHyperEdge]

    Labeled directed hyperedge.

  5. abstract class LHyperEdge[+N] extends HyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LHyperEdge] with LEdge[N]

    labeled undirected hyperedge.

  6. abstract class LUnDiEdge[+N] extends UnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LUnDiEdge] with LEdge[N]

    labeled undirected edge.

  7. abstract class LkDiEdge[+N] extends LDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LkDiEdge] with LkEdge[N] with EqDi

    key-labeled directed edge.

  8. abstract class LkDiHyperEdge[+N] extends LDiHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LkDiHyperEdge] with LkEdge[N]

    key-labeled directed hyperedge.

  9. abstract class LkHyperEdge[+N] extends LHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LkHyperEdge] with LkEdge[N]

    key-labeled undirected hyperedge.

  10. abstract class LkUnDiEdge[+N] extends LUnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, LkUnDiEdge] with LkEdge[N] with EqUnDi

    key-labeled undirected edge.

  11. class WDiEdge[+N] extends WUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with EdgeCopy[WDiEdge] with OuterEdge[N, WDiEdge]

    weighted directed edge.

    weighted directed edge.

  12. class WDiHyperEdge[+N] extends DiHyperEdge[N] with WEdge[N] with EdgeCopy[WDiHyperEdge] with OuterEdge[N, WDiHyperEdge]

    weighted directed hyperedge.

    weighted directed hyperedge.

  13. class WHyperEdge[+N] extends HyperEdge[N] with WEdge[N] with EdgeCopy[WHyperEdge] with OuterEdge[N, WHyperEdge]

    weighted, undirected hyperedge.

    weighted, undirected hyperedge.

  14. abstract class WLDiEdge[+N] extends WLUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLDiEdge]

    weighted, labeled directed edge.

  15. abstract class WLDiHyperEdge[+N] extends WLHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLDiHyperEdge]

    weighted, labeled directed hyperedge.

  16. abstract class WLHyperEdge[+N] extends WHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLHyperEdge] with LEdge[N] with WLEdge[N]

    weighted, labeled undirected hyperedge.

  17. abstract class WLUnDiEdge[+N] extends WUnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLUnDiEdge] with LEdge[N] with WLEdge[N]

    weighted, labeled undirected edge.

  18. abstract class WLkDiEdge[+N] extends WLkUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLkDiEdge] with EqDi

    weighted, key-labeled directed edge.

  19. abstract class WLkDiHyperEdge[+N] extends WLkHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLkDiHyperEdge]

    weighted, key-labeled directed hyperedge.

  20. abstract class WLkHyperEdge[+N] extends WLHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLkHyperEdge] with LkEdge[N] with WLkEdge[N]

    weighted, key-labeled undirected hyperedge.

  21. abstract class WLkUnDiEdge[+N] extends WLUnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WLkUnDiEdge] with LkEdge[N] with WLkEdge[N] with EqUnDi

    weighted, key-labeled undirected edge.

  22. class WUnDiEdge[+N] extends UnDiEdge[N] with WEdge[N] with EdgeCopy[WUnDiEdge] with OuterEdge[N, WUnDiEdge]

    weighted undirected edge.

    weighted undirected edge.

  23. abstract class WkDiEdge[+N] extends WkUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkDiEdge] with EqDi

    key-weighted directed edge.

  24. abstract class WkDiHyperEdge[+N] extends WkHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkDiHyperEdge]

    key-weighted directed hyperedge.

  25. abstract class WkHyperEdge[+N] extends WHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkHyperEdge] with WkEdge[N]

    key-weighted undirected hyperedge.

  26. abstract class WkLDiEdge[+N] extends WkLUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLDiEdge] with EqDi

    key-weighted, labeled directed edge.

  27. abstract class WkLDiHyperEdge[+N] extends WkLHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLDiHyperEdge]

    key-weighted, labeled directed hyperedge.

  28. abstract class WkLHyperEdge[+N] extends WLHyperEdge[N] with WkEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLHyperEdge]

    key-weighted, labeled undirected hyperedge.

  29. abstract class WkLUnDiEdge[+N] extends WLUnDiEdge[N] with WkEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLUnDiEdge] with EqUnDi

    key-weighted, labeled undirected edge.

  30. abstract class WkLkDiEdge[+N] extends WkLkUnDiEdge[N] with DiEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLkDiEdge] with EqDi

    key-weighted, key-labeled directed edge.

  31. abstract class WkLkDiHyperEdge[+N] extends WkLkHyperEdge[N] with DiHyperEdgeLike[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLkDiHyperEdge]

    key-weighted, key-labeled directed hyperedge.

  32. abstract class WkLkHyperEdge[+N] extends WLHyperEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLkHyperEdge] with WkLkEdge[N]

    key-weighted, key-labeled undirected hyperedge.

  33. abstract class WkLkUnDiEdge[+N] extends WLUnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkLkUnDiEdge] with WkLkEdge[N] with EqUnDi

    key-weighted, key-labeled undirected edge.

  34. abstract class WkUnDiEdge[+N] extends WUnDiEdge[N] with OuterEdge[N, WkUnDiEdge] with WkEdge[N] with EqUnDi

    key-weighted undirected edge.

Value Members

  1. object CBase

    Base traits for custom edges - hence the C prefix.

    Base traits for custom edges - hence the C prefix. Note that custom edges need only to mix in CBase.Attributes when importing by fromJson.

  2. object Implicits
  3. object LBase

    Base traits for labeled edges.

  4. object LDiEdge extends LEdgeCompanion[LDiEdge]
  5. object LDiHyperEdge extends LHyperEdgeCompanion[LDiHyperEdge]
  6. object LHyperEdge extends LHyperEdgeCompanion[LHyperEdge]
  7. object LUnDiEdge extends LEdgeCompanion[LUnDiEdge]
  8. object LkBase

    Base traits for key-labeled edges.

  9. object LkDiEdge extends LkEdgeCompanion[LkDiEdge]
  10. object LkDiHyperEdge extends LkHyperEdgeCompanion[LkDiHyperEdge]
  11. object LkHyperEdge extends LkHyperEdgeCompanion[LkHyperEdge]
  12. object LkUnDiEdge extends LkEdgeCompanion[LkUnDiEdge]
  13. object WBase

    Base traits for weighted edges.

  14. object WDiEdge extends WEdgeCompanion[WDiEdge]
  15. object WDiHyperEdge extends WHyperEdgeCompanion[WDiHyperEdge]
  16. object WHyperEdge extends WHyperEdgeCompanion[WHyperEdge]
  17. object WLBase

    Base traits for weighted and labeled edges.

  18. object WLDiEdge extends WLEdgeCompanion[WLDiEdge]
  19. object WLDiHyperEdge extends WLHyperEdgeCompanion[WLDiHyperEdge]
  20. object WLHyperEdge extends WLHyperEdgeCompanion[WLHyperEdge]
  21. object WLUnDiEdge extends WLEdgeCompanion[WLUnDiEdge]
  22. object WLkBase

    Base traits for weighted and key-labeled edges.

  23. object WLkDiEdge extends WLkEdgeCompanion[WLkDiEdge]
  24. object WLkDiHyperEdge extends WLkHyperEdgeCompanion[WLkDiHyperEdge]
  25. object WLkHyperEdge extends WLkHyperEdgeCompanion[WLkHyperEdge]
  26. object WLkUnDiEdge extends WLkEdgeCompanion[WLkUnDiEdge]
  27. object WUnDiEdge extends WEdgeCompanion[WUnDiEdge]
  28. object WkBase

    Base traits for key-weighted edges.

  29. object WkDiEdge extends WkEdgeCompanion[WkDiEdge]
  30. object WkDiHyperEdge extends WkHyperEdgeCompanion[WkDiHyperEdge]
  31. object WkHyperEdge extends WkHyperEdgeCompanion[WkHyperEdge]
  32. object WkLBase

    Base traits for key-weighted and labeled edges.

  33. object WkLDiEdge extends WkLEdgeCompanion[WkLDiEdge]
  34. object WkLDiHyperEdge extends WkLHyperEdgeCompanion[WkLDiHyperEdge]
  35. object WkLHyperEdge extends WkLHyperEdgeCompanion[WkLHyperEdge]
  36. object WkLUnDiEdge extends WkLEdgeCompanion[WkLUnDiEdge]
  37. object WkLkBase

    Base traits for key-weighted and key-labeled edges.

  38. object WkLkDiEdge extends WkLkEdgeCompanion[WkLkDiEdge]
  39. object WkLkDiHyperEdge extends WkLkHyperEdgeCompanion[WkLkDiHyperEdge]
  40. object WkLkHyperEdge extends WkLkHyperEdgeCompanion[WkLkHyperEdge]
  41. object WkLkUnDiEdge extends WkLkEdgeCompanion[WkLkUnDiEdge]
  42. object WkUnDiEdge extends WkEdgeCompanion[WkUnDiEdge]

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