Package org.apache.http.conn.ssl

Client TLS/SSL support.


Interface Summary
PrivateKeyStrategy Deprecated. (4.4) use PrivateKeyStrategy.
TrustStrategy A strategy to establish trustworthiness of certificates without consulting the trust manager configured in the actual SSL context.
X509HostnameVerifier Deprecated. (4.4) Use HostnameVerifier.

Class Summary
AbstractVerifier Deprecated. (4.4) use an implementation of HostnameVerifier or DefaultHostnameVerifier.
AllowAllHostnameVerifier Deprecated. (4.4) Use NoopHostnameVerifier
BrowserCompatHostnameVerifier Deprecated. (4.4) Use DefaultHostnameVerifier
DefaultHostnameVerifier Default HostnameVerifier implementation.
NoopHostnameVerifier The NO_OP HostnameVerifier essentially turns hostname verification off.
PrivateKeyDetails Deprecated. (4.4) use PrivateKeyDetails.
SSLConnectionSocketFactory Layered socket factory for TLS/SSL connections.
SSLContextBuilder Deprecated. (4.4) use SSLContextBuilder.
SSLContexts Deprecated. (4.4) use SSLContexts.
SSLSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use SSLConnectionSocketFactory.
StrictHostnameVerifier Deprecated. (4.4) Use DefaultHostnameVerifier
TrustAllStrategy A trust strategy that accepts all certificates as trusted.
TrustSelfSignedStrategy A trust strategy that accepts self-signed certificates as trusted.

Exception Summary

Package org.apache.http.conn.ssl Description

Client TLS/SSL support.

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