Package org.apache.http.conn.scheme



Interface Summary
HostNameResolver Deprecated. (4.1) Do not use
LayeredSchemeSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.2) use SchemeLayeredSocketFactory
LayeredSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.1) use SchemeSocketFactory
SchemeLayeredSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use LayeredConnectionSocketFactory
SchemeSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use ConnectionSocketFactory
SocketFactory Deprecated. (4.1) use SchemeSocketFactory

Class Summary
PlainSocketFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use PlainConnectionSocketFactory
Scheme Deprecated. (4.3) use SchemePortResolver for default port resolution and Registry for socket factory lookups.
SchemeRegistry Deprecated. (4.3) use Registry

Package org.apache.http.conn.scheme Description


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