Package org.apache.http.client

Client HTTP communication APIs.


Interface Summary
AuthCache Abstract AuthScheme cache.
AuthenticationHandler Deprecated. (4.2) use AuthenticationStrategy
AuthenticationStrategy /** A handler for determining if an HTTP response represents an authentication challenge that was sent back to the client as a result of authentication failure.
BackoffManager Represents a controller that dynamically adjusts the size of an available connection pool based on feedback from using the connections.
ConnectionBackoffStrategy When managing a dynamic number of connections for a given route, this strategy assesses whether a given request execution outcome should result in a backoff signal or not, based on either examining the Throwable that resulted or by examining the resulting response (e.g.
CookieStore This interface represents an abstract store for Cookie objects.
CredentialsProvider Abstract credentials provider that maintains a collection of user credentials.
HttpClient This interface represents only the most basic contract for HTTP request execution.
HttpRequestRetryHandler A handler for determining if an HttpRequest should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution.
RedirectHandler Deprecated. (4.1) use RedirectStrategy
RedirectStrategy A strategy for determining if an HTTP request should be redirected to a new location in response to an HTTP response received from the target server.
RequestDirector Deprecated. (4.3) No longer used
ResponseHandler<T> Handler that encapsulates the process of generating a response object from a HttpResponse.
ServiceUnavailableRetryStrategy Strategy interface that allows API users to plug in their own logic to control whether or not a retry should automatically be done, how many times it should be retried and so on.
UserTokenHandler A handler for determining if the given execution context is user specific or not.

Exception Summary
CircularRedirectException Signals a circular redirect
ClientProtocolException Signals an error in the HTTP protocol.
HttpResponseException Signals a non 2xx HTTP response.
NonRepeatableRequestException Signals failure to retry the request due to non-repeatable request entity.
RedirectException Signals violation of HTTP specification caused by an invalid redirect

Package org.apache.http.client Description

Client HTTP communication APIs.

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