Package org.apache.http.auth

Client HTTP authentication APIs.


Interface Summary
AuthScheme This interface represents an abstract challenge-response oriented authentication scheme.
AuthSchemeFactory Deprecated. (4.3) use AuthSchemeProvider
AuthSchemeProvider Factory for AuthScheme implementations.
ContextAwareAuthScheme This interface represents an extended authentication scheme that requires access to HttpContext in order to generate an authorization string.
Credentials This interface represents a set of credentials consisting of a security principal and a secret (password) that can be used to establish user identity

Class Summary
AUTH Constants and static helpers related to the HTTP authentication.
AuthSchemeRegistry Deprecated. (4.3) use Registry
AuthScope AuthScope represents an authentication scope consisting of a host name, a port number, a realm name and an authentication scheme name.
AuthState This class provides detailed information about the state of the authentication process.
BasicUserPrincipal Basic user principal used for HTTP authentication
KerberosCredentials Credentials implementation based on GSSCredential for Kerberos Authentication.
NTCredentials Credentials implementation for Microsoft Windows platforms that includes Windows specific attributes such as name of the domain the user belongs to.
NTUserPrincipal Microsoft Windows specific user principal implementation.
UsernamePasswordCredentials Simple Credentials implementation based on a user name / password pair.

Enum Summary
ChallengeState Challenge mode (TARGET or PROXY)

Exception Summary
AuthenticationException Signals a failure in authentication process
InvalidCredentialsException Authentication credentials required to respond to a authentication challenge are invalid
MalformedChallengeException Signals that authentication challenge is in some way invalid or illegal in the given context

Package org.apache.http.auth Description

Client HTTP authentication APIs.

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