package upickle

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Type Members

  1. trait Api extends Types with Readers with Writers with WebJson with NoOpMappers with JsReadWriters with MsgReadWriters

    An instance of the upickle API.

    An instance of the upickle API. There's a default instance at upickle.default, but you can also implement it yourself to customize its behavior. Override the annotate methods to control how a sealed trait instance is tagged during reading and writing.

  2. trait AttributeTagged extends Api

    A upickle.Api that follows the default sealed-trait-instance-tagging behavior of using an attribute, but allow you to control what the name of the attribute is.

  3. trait JsReadWriters extends Types with MacroImplicits
  4. trait LegacyApi extends Api
  5. trait MsgReadWriters extends Types with MacroImplicits
  6. trait WebJson extends Types

Value Members

  1. object Api
  2. object default extends AttributeTagged

    The default way of accessing upickle

  3. object legacy extends LegacyApi

    An instance of the upickle API that follows the old serialization for tagged instances of sealed traits: as a list with two items, the first being the type-tag and the second being the serialized object