jackson-coreutils 1.8 API

What this is


com.github.fge.jackson Jackson utility classes
com.github.fge.jackson.jsonpointer JSON Pointer related classes


What this is

This package provides the following utilities over Jackson (2.2.x):

Single value reads

By default, when you read an input source with Jackson using an ObjectMapper, the first JSON text is read and the rest is ignored. For instance, with input:


the read will stop after the empty array has been read.

However, this may not be desirable. This package raises an error in this case. The central class performing such reads is JsonNodeReader.

JSON numeric equivalence

Several IETF RFCs, or drafts, require that two JSON numeric values be considered equal if their mathematical value is equal. Among these are JSON Schema and JSON Patch. But this is not the case with JsonNode: 1 and 1.0 yield different types of nodes.

This package provides an Equivalence to ensure that two numeric nodes are considered equivalent if their mathematical value is the same. See the javadoc for more information on how to use it.

JSON Pointer

JSON Pointer is an IETF draft which allows to unambiguously address a single value in a JSON document. This package contains an implementation which can not only address nodes in a JsonNode, but any TreeNode implementation.

All JSON Pointer related classes are in the following package: JsonPointer.